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Sack Trucks Buyers Guide

Sack trucks are available in a number of designs, with different wheels, frames and handles. The following guide will make selecting a truck easier, with the major differences between trucks being explained. Our range of sack trucks is suitable for a large number of jobs, and selecting the most appropriate truck will make your life a lot simpler.

Steel vs Aluminium

Steel vs Aluminium

Sack trucks are available in two main materials, steel or aluminium. The major advantage of steel is that it is strong and durable, making it ideal for the tubular frame of a sack truck. Aluminium is lightweight but strong, so for the same truck the aluminium version is much lighter. This means that an aluminium truck is highly manoeuvrable and easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for delivery drivers. Aluminium is also rust-resistant so will last for a long time. Aluminium is not quite as strong as steel, so the highest capacity trucks that we sell are steel trucks, and if well looked after; a steel truck will last for years.

Folding Toe vs Fixed Toe

Folding Toe vs Fixed Toe

The toe plate of a sack truck is the loading point of the truck, so is crucial for determining what can be moved. A fixed toe plate is typically much smaller than a folding toe plate, so for large or bulky items a folding toe plate is much easier to use. A fixed toe plate is likely to be heavier duty and capable of holding a greater load and it does not need to be folded down, so it is ready for immediate use. Typically if you are using a truck for a range of items it is normally advisable to use a folding toe sack truck as this is more versatile.

Solid wheels vs Pneumatic wheels

Solid vs Pneumatic

Sack trucks are fitted with either solid wheels or pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic wheels are air-filled and can be pumped up like a bicycle or car tyre, this makes them suitable for use on all terrain, as they will absorb the bumps of uneven ground and makes using a sack truck on rough ground much easier. Solid wheels on the other hand are solid rubber wheels, and are not air-filled, this means that they will not puncture if they hit something sharp, nor will they go flat over time. A solid wheel is ideal for use in a warehouse or when the surface is smooth and hard, but would not be ideal for use on uneven ground.

Stair Climber wheels

Stair Climber Wheels

We have a range of sack trucks for use on the stairs. These are fitted with stair climber wheels, which are three wheels combined together in a roughly triangular shape. This means that there is always a wheel in contact with the stairs, and the truck will literally climb up the step it is contact with. The wheels are designed so the truck will work on a wide range of step sizes, making the stair climber sack truck indispensible for use when you need to move loads up or down stairs, steps or curbs.

P-Handle vs Dual Handle vs Standard Handles

P-Handle vs Dual Handle vs Standard Handle

Sack trucks are available with a number of different types of handles. The standard two-handled design is fitted with handles on either side, meaning you can easily support the load you are carrying. The handle on a P Handle sack truck is built into the top of the frame; there is a loop at the back in the shape of a P that allows you to hold the truck with one hand. The main advantage of the P Handle design is that you can use the truck with one hand, to allow the other to be free to open doors or steady the load you are carrying. Finally we also stock our dual handled sack trucks; these feature both the standard two handles and the top loop of the frame as a handle.

Platform trucks vs upright sack trucks

Platform Trucks vs Upright Sack Trucks

Platform trucks are flat bed trolleys that feature a large deck and swivelling castor wheels which make them perfect for moving large or bulky items. We have a number of 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 sack trucks that work as both an upright sack truck as well as a platform truck. In general if you are looking for a sack truck to perform a number of jobs, getting a universal sack truck that can be used for moving a range of items is certainly a good choice.